OPD crime statistics


I’ve been working on extracting, collecting, marshaling and visualizing data related to the Oakland Police Department for more than three years now, and find my documentation of these efforts here on rikiWiki needs some reorganization!

I’ll keep a list of my most recent activities here:

  1. Oakland crime since Shelter-in-place (April 15, 2020 )
  2. OAKCC: A system for classifying Oakland crime data ( Aug 12, 2019)
  3. OPD data publishing – update ( Aug 12, 2019)
  4. Keep police data public! (May 21, 2019)
  5. Visualizing discretionary stops by the Oakland Police Department (July, 2016)
  6. Analysis of a neighborhood intervention (April, 2014)
  7. Reactions to the 2015 Code For America Summit meeting (October, 2015)
  8. ShowCrime! a django-based visualization of OPData (May, 2015)
  9. Evaluating CrimeMapping.com, again (March, 2014)
  10. Changes in OPD crime reporting standards (January, 2015)
  11. Different beats, different types of crime(June, 2013)
  12. Classifying types of crime in OPData (June, 2013)
  13. A summary presentation to OpenOakland (17 June 2014)

I’ve also collected older posts on a separate page.


1 thought on “OPD crime statistics

  1. Rik, is there essentially one database that various sites provide different views of, or are there different data bases?

    For starters just having the years on the horizontal axis and the rate per thousand of population wb helpful. Would like to be able to drill down but more important wb to show same historical data, same format by zip code or beat.

    To be able to compare to some neighboring cities is too much to expect, but darn I’d like to see our historical trends compared to Richmond, San Leandro, and Haywards.

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