Valentine’s Day update

There has been progress on several fronts the last couple of weeks, and i’ll use this page to capture the important bits:

  • We met 31 Jan with members of Oakland PD and IT department to work towards a mutually agreeable API for new data.  My slides from that meeting are available as a PDF file: opd_openData_130131_core
  • I’ve put some of the basic utility code I’ve used to digest the OPD, Alameda County and Urban Strategies Council crime data into a git repository:

I’ve also continued to dig into apparent discrepancies between the data provided by OPD and USC’s analysis of this.  While in general there seems to be pretty good agreement, I’ve found a number of situations where:

  • OPD and USC incidentID numbers are identical and
  • The two records agree on the same date of occurrance and
  • there is a single USC record associated with the OPD incident,

but the statute (and often UCR) code assigned by USC varies?!  I’ve put a sample of those identified using these probe OPD_CType examples and the statute typically (but not uniformly!) applied:

probeTbl = {"BATTERY": "PC242",
the resulting anomolies are available in this file: USC_dbug_sample.csv.gz.  There are also 310k OPD records (within the overlapping dates) that do not seem to be in the USC data set?

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