It became too dark

We begin to chat
of mutual interests
books we’ve both read
places we’ve both gone
but go to together for the first time
our mutual light shows us new things
our shared foundation lets us fly further

there are shadows in our garden, too
where you block my light and i yours
pits where our shadows combine
sad, scary places
no light escapes
our shared warmth seems so long ago

if you and i came so close
and still there are still such dark places
how can i hope for the world?

[Written after attending a memorial for Aaron Swartz (1986-2013), at Yoshi’s Oakland,  25 Jan with Joe Lovano and Esperanza Spalding (1984-), on the happy occasion of the ejection of a rude rowdy.]

Is this mike on?

Hello stranger, whomever you are that has happened this way.  You are welcome.

I made a New Year’s Resolution in December 2011 to begin a wiki/blog, and it seems I better get about it. I still cannot identify just what “voice” is appropriate here, but you can help me with that.

Pushing me over threshold is the CIR_Kaggle contest data regarding this year’s election financing.  I want to share some work I’ve done on this project, quickly, with as many people as might find it useful.  I have had a website associated with my job at UCSD for years,  where I’ve put publications, code, curricula of all sorts over the years, and where I would have put something like this in the past.  But I don’t work there any more, and this isn’t really a publication.  It is something about which I’d welcome others’ input.  All those things make blog/wiki seem appropriate technology.

(fyi, is the company through which I now provide consulting services.  I am hanging rikiwiki off as a subdomain, simply to make it easier for me to use the same webserver for everything.)

Here we go!