Biased crime data and predictive policing

Mara Hvistendahl, (Science magazine 30 Sept 2016) had a great review article that I just got to read carefully.  It’s a good review of how big data and “predictive policing” (those are definitely scare quotes!) are promising a lot, perhaps clarifying some things but also probably perpetuating existing biases.  As someone watching the Oakland Police Department collect data and hoping that sharing it with Oakland citizens is a Good Idea, it seems to contain many cautionary tales.

I’ll be curious as to your reactions to the Science article, but since it’s trapped behind a paywall I’ve also captured the main text here  .

Another study of PredPol, using “synthetic” data

Thanks to EastBayExpress’s Darwin BondGraham tweet, I just saw this report from USAToday analyzing drug crime data from 2010. (Their underlying paper was published in Significance, October, 2016.)  Can we find correlation in our real OakCrimeData set?!

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