Is this mike on?

Hello stranger, whomever you are that has happened this way.  You are welcome.

I made a New Year’s Resolution in December 2011 to begin a wiki/blog, and it seems I better get about it. I still cannot identify just what “voice” is appropriate here, but you can help me with that.

Pushing me over threshold is the CIR_Kaggle contest data regarding this year’s election financing.  I want to share some work I’ve done on this project, quickly, with as many people as might find it useful.  I have had a website associated with my job at UCSD for years,  where I’ve put publications, code, curricula of all sorts over the years, and where I would have put something like this in the past.  But I don’t work there any more, and this isn’t really a publication.  It is something about which I’d welcome others’ input.  All those things make blog/wiki seem appropriate technology.

(fyi, is the company through which I now provide consulting services.  I am hanging rikiwiki off as a subdomain, simply to make it easier for me to use the same webserver for everything.)

Here we go!

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